Heels on the ground,
head in the sky.

Il Fiore Di Loto

This shoe brings you everything that the lotus flower symbolizes. It’s about perseverance and not letting anything hold you back of reaching your dreams. There will always be difficult moments, but like the ‘Fiore Di Loto’, you can also rise above this. Let your beauty shine through with this colorful satin shoe.

Il Pavone

Il Pavone is the shoe that represents your confidence. You can show to the world, but most of all to yourself, that you are proud of who you are. It all starts with believing in what you’re capable of and trusting in your own talents. These heels will support you step by step, while you reach your ambitious goals.

Da Venere

Da Venere, from Venus, the goddess of beauty and love. The shoe that mirrors your beauty and elegance. Let the beauty of your heart, also reflect on the outside. Venus is also known as the goddess of spring, that time a year where all the flowers grow and nature takes on its most beautiful form. Let that symbolize your own personal growth and beauty.

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Italian Fabric

Italian Fabric

Italian Fabric

Italian Fabric

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