This is our story

“If I ever let my head down, it will be just to admire my shoes.”
– Marilyn Monroe

Anais and her dream

Welcome to the world of Anaïs where color rules, womanhood is celebrated and the glitter supply is endless. Anaïs is Belgium based and started her shoe label Leduci in 2022. With the love of craft she received from her great grandparents, who were shoemakers and ran a romantic hosiery, Anaïs paves the way in heels as high as her ambition. Leduci embodies brains and bling wrapped up in endless color combinations that symbolize the versatility of women.

Our purpose

In a society where women often have to make themselves smaller in so many different ways, we want to empower them to do just the opposite. Call us counter-casual, but we believe in the power of dressing up and going over the top. By creating your own vibrant identity we want to make it impossible for the world not to see and hear you. And maybe pulling out all the stops is the most feminist move you can make.

How we move

Leduci stands for excellence fueled by quality and exclusivity. With craftwomenship at its finest we create ambitious heels that can carry the identity of our customers. Our contact is ultra-personal both through our own channels and our distributors. We choose our points of sale very carefully, wanting to feel fire and sparks with an eagle eye for detail and love of craft. We are not afraid of big emotions,
but also like to keep it lighthearted and humorous.

The beautiful process

The Leduci shoes are all about handmade Italian works of art. In the region in Italy called ‘Le Marche’, known for being the heart of the shoemaking industry in Italy, the shoes are crafted by people who are as passionate as we are. Anaïs creates the designs, with the focus on establishing something unique. This way we like to give you as a customer the confidence you need to follow your dreams! The importance is not only on the look, but also on the feel of the shoe. That’s why we also carefully select high quality materials such as satin, genuine leather, .. and we never lose track of the comfort of the shoe. Every shoe has a special memory foam of 5mm in the insole, to give you all the support you need.

The Muse

I fought for my place at this table. I have freed myself from all the boundaries that society has imposed on me. With rigorous precision, I co-create my life, trusting the sincere desire that guides me on my path. A path that I walk with the energy and sacrifice of all the women who have gone before me. I know what it is to create something from nothing, which has given me the strength to be uncompromisingly me. I show up to the world how I want, bold, radiant, colorful, and, most of the time, unapologetically extravagant. With the emphasis on extra. I don’t dress in trends, but I do dress in my personality. I love it when people call me superficial and underestimate me, it leaves more space for me to fill up.

Behind The Scenes

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